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Micro ATM - Cashless And Hassle-Free Transaction

mATMs portable devices that allow one to initiate and complete financial transactions such as cash withdrawal, and balance inquiry. mATMs are convenient for individuals who need to withdraw cash or conduct transactions in areas where traditional ATMs are not present. This can be done by visiting any nearby Point Of Sale (POS).

UnitePay intends to emancipate the rural population from tiresome banking services such as cash withdrawal and balance inquiry.

Cash Withdrawal

Initiate your request to debit cash from your account.

Balance Enquiry

Initiate your request to check your balance.

Mini Statement

Provides you the list of your last 5-10 transactions.

Fund Transfer

Used to transfer money from your account.

Objective And Scope Of Micro ATM

The government wants to bring all citizens of our country under the banking framework. The main objective of launching the Micro ATM service is to help rural people with instant cash withdrawal and to avail them the basic banking services. As bank branches are not present or very far away in rural regions, so we took up this responsibility being Micro ATM Provider Company.

Start Micro ATM Business in Your Shop

UnitePay is a Micro ATM provider company that furnishes you with a safe Application Programming Interface and secure software to establish for you that
every small outlet enjoy our Matm service and provide unbanked areas transactions services and Earn good commission..

Work Process of Micro ATM

Primarily, the verification process takes place through card swipe option.
After the verification of debit card, various options for transactions display on the screen of the
device. Your Micro ATM service provider will proceed further with your desired transaction, and then the receipt of the transaction gets generated within few seconds.